Newsletter 39 of May 2012

Hunting in Africa



Newsletter 39                                                                                                                                    May  2012

Good morning all 

Before we know it the season is starting to change and hunting season is upon us in full glory. We are starting hunting at the end of the month with a buffalo hunt in South Africa. A reminder to follow the hunt on the Safari Blog with daily updates will be sent to all who are receiving it. Back-to-back with this hunt I will be joined down in Cape Town with friends of long standing for a photographic- and hunting safari hunting in the East Cape. From there we will go to the Victoria Falls to have a look at the “smoke that thunders”. 

There have been a few additions to the website with a number of book reviews that have been published. One book in particular is written by a friend, Bill Yung, about his hunting adventures to many parts of the world, including South Africa. If you want an easy-to-read book that will make you smile and laugh, please contact Bill (contact details are in the Book Review section – follow this link BOOK REVIEW BILL YUNG)  The other book reviews are available from here Book Review Index.

Some of the other details added include the minimum recommended draw weights for bow hunting African game. These are recommendations and you do not really need a 90 lbs bow to hunt an eland. I would probably rip my gall bladder if I had to draw a 90 lbs bow anyway. 

Some new package deals have been added and visually enhanced. Being in the construction phase there a few minor technical errors that need to be sorted and which will hopefully be rectified within the next few days. I have a very old cell phone because I know how to use it. With two teenagers in my home who know how to work gadgets (and who know everything anyway) I believe I cannot work complicated issues like websites. Therefore it could be me causing the problems in stead of solving them. 

Having said all the above if anyone comes across something that does not work, or that can be bettered please let me know.


Till next time. 



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2 Responses to Newsletter 39 of May 2012

  1. bill crabtree says:

    as always a good letter looking forward to seeing photo’s from new hunts

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