Hunting kudu in South Africa with Hunting in Africa

Hunting kudu in South Africa

Kudu hunting gets the attention of any hunter. African kudu hunts are the backbone of campfire stories: stories about the one that got away, or even better, the kudu mount already on the wall.

The age old squabble of Cape kudu vs greater kudu will never really be laid to rest. Up North in the country is where we know about hunting kudu. In the different terrain types we offer some of the best kudu hunting in the world, finding kudu that are in the gold medal class if trophy record book kudu hunting is what you are after.

When hunting with Hunting in Africa in the Eastern Cape for Cape kudu, you may want to consider hunting Cape eland, Africa’s largest antelope. Complete the threesome with a Cape bushbuck to complete your Cape-slam!

Of course we hunt the biggest kudu in Limpopo Province and North West Province…

Hunting information for hunting kudu

Best recommended caliber to rifle hunt kudu – 308, 30-06, 300 WSM, 300 WM, 7 mm (all), 375 or any comparable caliber.

What is the cost to hunt kudu – for the 2013 / 2014 and 2015 season the cost to hunt kudu is $ 2 450-00. Our kudu hunting prices have remained the same for the last three years.

What is the average shooting distance in yards I can expect to hunt kudu – 80 to 180 yards

Helpful hints and tips when hunting kudu – hunting kudu successfully, more commonly known as the Gray Ghost in the hunting society is a triumph. Kudu have ears as large as mini radar stations, smelling abilities of a bloodhound and eyes as good as the Hubble telescope. A deep throated bark followed by crashing branches is what the unsuspecting hunter will hear when he stumbles across this majestic spiral horn animal. Kudu is the most sought after plains game trophy by foreign hunters. Invariably kudu will be close to water in the late afternoon and in many cases kudu will move at night if the hunting pressure is too high for the specific property you are hunting on. In most places it is illegal to hunt kudu at night.

The hunter needs to move ultra slow and careful when stalking the kudu and should take the shot as soon as he is comfortable with the distance.

Shot placement when hunting kudu – follow the diagram below to the T and your shot placement will be absolutely accurate.

What is the best time of year to hunt kudu in South Africa on your Africa hunting safari:

Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Hunting kudu in South Africa with Hunting in Africa Images above reproduced with the kind permission of Mag-Set Publications (Pvt) Ltd. Publishers of the African Hunter and African Fisherman Magazines. Africa – Zimbabwe – Get your limited free shot placement software version fro

Kudu description:

Slightly smaller than an elk, the kudu uses its large ears to extremely good effect. A hunter needs to be quiet when hunting this magnificent beast and can congratulate him/herself upon the successful harvesting of a good specimen.

The bulls separate from the cows after the rut (May-June) and become solitary or will attach themselves to bachelor groups. During the rut the bulls will actively defend their harem of cows against other males. Only the bulls have horns. It is a member of the spiral-horned antelope species.

Kudu habitat:

The kudu prefers a tree-rich savanna environment, as it is mainly a leaf-eater. It does feed on grass as a supplement but does not naturally occur in open grass plains. Kudu’s are most active during the early mornings and late afternoons and prefer to bed down during the heat of the day.

Kudu reproduction:

Calves can be born at any time of the year, but most births occur during the southern hemisphere summer months (October-February), as the main rut is during mid-winter. Once a calf is born, the cow will hide it until such a stage when it is strong enough to rejoin the group.

General kudu facts:

Gestation period kudu cow: 210 days

Kudu shoulder height: 56”-62”

Kudu weight: kudu bulls – up to 550 lbs and kudu cows – up to 380 lbs

Horns: Only kudu bulls have horns

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Hunting kudu South AfricaHunting kudu South Africa








Hunting kudu South Africa