Sources Hunting in Africa

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The information in the hunting information section must not be seen as a source for further scientific research. This is purely for your reading pleasure if you have not hunted in Africa before. If you have hunted Africa before then you are welcome to compare notes and relive your safari. Please enjoy and if you so wish, let us have your thoughts!

We would like to acknowledge the following sources for most of our information: (although some of it has come from personal experience.)


1.                The work of the well-known South African ecologist, Deon Furstenburg.



Other information sources:


1.                Website of the Central Intelligence Agency:

2.                Personal opinions: Pieter Kriel

3.                Wilson M and Thompson L (ed.): The Oxford History of South Africa: Vol. I., South Africa to 1870 (1969); Vol. II, 1870–1966 (1971);

4.                Lodge T, Black Politics in South Africa since 1945 (1983)

5.                Thompson L, A History of South Africa (1990)

6.                Davenport T. R. H, South Africa (4th ed. 1991)


8.               The owners of the following website do not support or are not connected to hunting but gave their permission to use the contents of their research as a background to the valuable information as set out in the Victoria Falls section under Zimbabwe: