African hunting videos – a YouTube hunting in South Africa video selection

Here we have a selection of YouTube Hunting in Africa videos of plains game and dangerous game hunts over the last few hunting seasons. Our South African safari hunting packages allow sufficient time to video your hunting action. Professional videographers are available on request.

The South African bird hunting video is slightly further down this page and please ensure you have a look at where we have fun videos during our hunting safaris by viewing the Warthogs and the Aardvark and the lady from Texas videos further down.

Due to space limitations please click here to view our lion hunting video and please click here to view our elephant hunting video. To view our Cape buffalo cow hunting video, please click here.

A number of other hunting videos are attached to the individual animal discussions as found in the Price List


The trackers firing the 458 Lott 

After a successful lioness hunt the trackers felt they could also shoot with big game caliber rifles. Who were we to deny them the opportunity?


The aardvark and the lady from Texas 

Have you ever wondered what lives down an aardvark hole? We see them so many times yet we never give it another thought. Well, that was until recently. A fine couple who hunted with us (actually, the wife) thought she had it all figured out. The plan was incredibly ingenious and held lots of promise. A video camera and flash light were affixed to the front of a long stick with nothing other than duct tape. Then we had to find a fresh aardvark hole that showed signs of inhabitation and this is where the story starts. The rest must be viewed down below:













Bird hunting in South Africa – come along on a bird shooting safari!













A challenging blue wildebeest hunt

This is hunting in the open where you can see the wildebeest; but the wildebeest are equally aware of you. This hunt is is but a small part of how long it really took to make it happen.













Warthogs – Have you ever wondered how rough the pallet of a warthog is? Really? See what happens when someone is invited to explore how rough a warthog pallet is! This one was hunted for camp meat but still packed a bite…














Hunting the African elephant

– few of the African animals attract so much attention as hunting the elephant. We are happy to share our moments with you and thank you for taking the time to watch this video.